Hi. 6m WSPR users, please have a look at this post:

I've been trying out WSPR for just a few sessions now. Even my puny little signals have been heard all the way from NA to Australia - all from my little QTH in suburban London. This really is quite addictive.

Spent the weekend shaking down one of the first production unit FLEX-1500s with WSPR. My first experience with WSPR and lots of fun! WSPR 2.0 seems to run very well with PowerSDR. 13K km @ 0.5w, 2400 km @ 50mW. Watching for 30m to open up again tonight then going to connect the transverter output +3dbm and let it run for the night. Thanks to the folks that have done all the work to let me have some fun!

I wanted to express appreciation to all who sent emails and responded to my inquiry about setup of the Yaesu FT-817 on WSPR. It's been working like a charm all week, sometimes on 40, mostly on 30M. What a hoot!

I am having so much fun seeing how far my puny signals can be heard and vice versa! I've dropped it from 5 watts at first, to 1 watt, and now run mostly 1/2 watt.

Looking forward to seeing you signals on my activity screen/map! 72 (that's the QRP version of 73!)

Based on the discussion in the forum and some offline email, I have updated the frequency list to show 144.489 as the 2m recommended frequency. Please let me know if this causes any issues for anyone.

Hola a todos los que os interese el modo WSPR (whisper)
En esta direccion de internet, podeis descargaros una guia rapida que he escrito en Español.
La guia es para instalar y usar WSPR de forma rapida.

No es un manual, es solo la descripcion sencilla de que es WSPR, como instalarlo y como operar con el.
No esta todo pero si lo mas importante.

Hola mi nombre es rafael EA6CA espero escucharos a traves de sistema, mis condiciones en este momento son ic 706 mkllg pw 5 w antena 1/4 de onda con varilla inox .
Hello my name is rafael EA6CA hope to hear you through the system, my working conditions at the moment are mkllg ic 706 pw 5 w antenna quarter wave rod steel.73´S

Hello, everyone. I heard Joe Taylor's talk at the NJ ARRL Convention yesterday on WSPR and decided to give it a try at home! I downloaded the manual (excellent, of course) and the software to my Windows 7 PC in the shack. I connected the cable from an older Tigertronics SignaLink SL-1 between my Yaesu FT-817 and the PC and, within a few minutes was receiving signals on 30 meters on my screen! It was getting to be late evening and my G5RV is not a great antenna on 30, so I left it on to listen.

Transmitting is another matter. I played around with different settings and was finally able to get the rig and the SL-1 to key up. However, with another transceiver with a dummy load, tuned to listen to around where I thought my WSPR signal should be, I was unable to hear anything other than a quiet "whoosh" sound. I suspect I've got the equivalent of an "open mike" with no actual tones being transmitted.

Although I heard MANY stations around the world overnight, no one heard me, so that confirms what I thought.

In the last two days I built the KGD-dipole and mounted it on the roof.
I made it resonant for 10,149 MHz for WSPR and surprisingly the first WSPR transmission with 5 Watts brought the following reports:
2010-04-22 16:20 DM1RG 10.140222 -8 0 JO61ei 5 G8SQH IO81tx 1018 280
2010-04-22 16:20 DM1RG 10.140257 -6 0 JO61ei 5 F6BIA JN18dq 778 252
2010-04-22 16:20 DM1RG 10.140253 -18 0 JO61ei 5 DL3LST JO61fi 6 90
2010-04-22 16:20 DM1RG 10.140255 -19 0 JO61ei 5 VK2/VK6DI QF55hf 16224 77

The antenna is only 1,30m long, two inductors with 64 winds each in the middle with a capacitor of 330 pF and then only two aluminium dipole arms 50 cm each.
I left the Yaesu with my big vertical antenna run parallel and found out that the KGD-dipole is receiving about 3-5 dB weaker than the vertical antenna what looks good to me.

I plan to build the same antenna for 14 MHz too soon and also use it for WSPR.

So from now on, my equipment for WSPR (except the laptop, hihi) is homebrew only:
Genesis G3020 SDR and KGD dipole from QRP project Germany (see link above). More to come!

I wish you all a nice weekend.

looking for kp4ed here.

My G3020 is finished since some weeks but to get the software in order took some more days. Biggest problem was Windows 7 and the Software, also the driver for the EMU-0202. So I downgraded a laptop to XP again. The software is now fine and since yesterday evening european time the Genesis 3020 is finally receiving. I am QRV at 30m.
If I find the time today I will try to get it also to send some beacon.

73, Rafa EA4CU

I also work in the same office as M0SAR
And he got me interested in WSPR, I'm going try on 10m 14/4/10
and see where i can see.....

73 De G7VQV Allan Nr Southampton

... for getting me interested in WSPR, that is.

The Echelford Amateur Radio Society (Surrey, UK - was fortunate enough to have Walter as guest speaker last Thursday (8th April, 2010), explaining the ins and outs of using WSPR, in a most entertaining and informative manner. I had to give it a try.

Anyone in Europe on 6M today, I am TXing on 6M 5W,