The internal clock on my (very old) Thinkpad laptop is very unstable - it can lose
0.3 sec every 5 minutes for about 1 hour after power-on so not much use asis for WSPR use. To keep in sync with the rest of the world and allow me to use WSPR I use (and would recommend) Karen Kenworthy's program Time Sync (at This allows me to sync up with a time server automatically as often as every 5 minutes and (differing from an installed sync service) allows me to see how far

The Mahabalipuram eye-ball meet has gained popularity among Hams over the years, conducted on 2nd Saturday of February each year, this year the event will be held on 13th February, 2010 at Tamilnadu Tourism Development Corporation Beach Resort Complex on East Coast Road.

No Delegate fee is charged.

All Hams & SWLs are invited.

Contact Person : Mr. S.K.Vittal, VU2VIT

In addition to experimenting on the 1750 M and 600 M bands, I'm also active on the Broadcast Band, DXing with hi-tech crystal sets that I have built from scratch.
Building sets of any type is fun, but there's something special about a radio that gets all of its power from the antenna its hooked to. No active devices nor any
external power from batteries or the mains.

I also like to experiment with High Voltage. I've built several Tesla coils, including my 3 KVA input coil which can emit multiple 4 foot streamers! Have a look at:

It's mounted 4-5m above ground.

Let's see what happens...

Just started with WSPR... Will try to be active on all bands for test purpose.

Check out my webpage:

Today I was listening on any band (30m, 15m and 10m) for the first time.
I only can decode on 30m some signals from DL, F, and N1..

But my antenna is not working fine, because it is experimentally lay down on the roof of my house. ;-)

On a magic night, January 20th 2010 propagation conditions were just a little better than normal and the QRP stations on 500KHz WSPR were Spotted in the Czech Republic. First G3XBM with 1mW ERP then G3ZJO with 20uW ERP were logged by OK2BVG.
For me this is a distance of 1310Km or 814miles, just out of interest I worked out the Km and Miles per Watt of ERP - 6.55 Million Km or 4.07 Million Miles.

This prompted a comment from someone that his 1924 Admiralty Radio Handbook stated that, using 1KW on 500KHz the maximum range over an ideal salt water path is 1500Km. Well then, I told you WSPR is useful.

Over the next couple of days, something must have bugged us both, without consultation, G3XBM and me went into ERP checking mode, re-calibrating our Antenna Current meters, recalculating, and computer modelling our antennas. We both use small less 'gain' yet efficient antennas.
Exact figures are difficult but we both consider we are accurate to + or - 3dB.

Here is my WSPR Countries List on 500KHz 200 micro-watts or less. England, Scotland, France, Belgium, Netherlands, Germany, Czech Republic, Norway.

The homebrew beacon of Gernot, OE1IFM, has been running here for abt 2 months with no problems.
I started with 1 Watt and later on with 0.5 Watt.
The used antennas were: wire 7 meter (non-resonant), coax-trap dipole 80/40 meter and a coax-trap dipole 30/17/12 meter.
The most spots gave the 80/40 dipole (500-1000/day) of course mostly on 80 and 40 meter.
Gernot tolled me he has new plans with the beacon.
And if that will happen, he may tell it himselve.

In January 2010 began the operation in WSPR.
I'm coding stations not audible, it leaves me impressed.
PY4LC - PY1EUN and PY2TS influenced me to use the WSPR and they have exchanged important information about it.
I operate with TS440S, antenna half-wave dipole wire 10 meters above the ground. I have used 10 watts to WSPR.
I hope to do more reports on this modality.

73 -
PY4XUI - Rafael - Passabém - MG - GH80kp

I've just received the first decoded signal with wspr with the Juma direct conversion receiver. The activity will continue more seriously.

Back from Spain on 25th Jan.

I have recently linked my Flex 5000A with WSPR 2.0, after configuring the virtual cables correctly the CAT control has allowed me to both receive and transmit with the Flex. It wasn't obvious at the beginning that my Flex was going to want to be controlled by WSPR 2.0. Once everything was working together I decided to compare the performance of my antennas on 30M, the key is finding someone who is listening and transmiting long enough to run the comparison. The three antennas that I wanted to compare are: 80M Full Wave Delta loop up 45ft running north/south, G5RV up 45ft running north/south and ZeroFive Vertical. Each antenna is fed with LMR-400 with a 1:1 choke balun at the entry point into the shack.

EA1DZM was kind enough to listen long enough for me to evalutate all three antennas, unfortunately EA1DZM was not transmitting so I wasn't able to compare the antennas in both transmit and receive over the same progation path.

The Flex 5000A was set to transmit 1W (30db) at 10.140090 MHz:

19:52z 5697Km EA1DZM Loop -13db +/-0.5db
20:16z 5697Km EA1DZM G5RV -14db +/-0.5db
20:28z 5697Km EA1DZM ZeroFive -20db +/-0.5db