Well, my rig interface just went out, so I won't be able to transmit during the eclipse.

I will have my "gorgon stare" 160-10 meters CW, WSPR, and JT65/JT9 receive array online and reporting to pskreporter (cw & JT) and (WSPR).

its a pain in the ass to setup

#Back2School time , after some temporary operations the my WSPR beacon will now full time operational on 20M band.*
With an WSPRLite (from SotaBeam) Autobeacon with 200mW & G5RV (Full size 32m / 102 feets) feed center 36 feet high).
Powered from network grid to USB Voltage (re-start and time reset could happen time by time).
Will be glad to receive some reports if you can heard it.
Hope to read you soon.
Best 73s from Benjamin / F4FPR / AG5HQ.

I've been struggling a bit to get three stations on the air for the eclipse. I think I finally have it - I don't think I was driving the audio sufficiently. I've now got reports on 20m, but waiting for 80m (currently 1300 EDT/1700Z) and 6m (waiting for the magic). I see a local guy (K1EHZ) on 80m, so he should be able to spot me if I am really transmitting.

Using WSJT-X - I couldn't get WSPR to control my rigs as easily, and WSJT-X was kind of plug-and-play

In time for the eclipse, we have just released a free Android app for WSPRlite. WSPRlite-to-go allows you to program and use a WSPRlite in the field. It uses timing and location data from your Android device too.

WSPRlite-to-go is a free download at

73 Richard G3CWI

I'm trying to set up an unattended monitor but can't keep the WSPR software running for any extended period. I turn things on and walk away with everything FB. Within a day it drops out and I get the following:

"Microsoft Visual C++ Runtime Library
"Runtime Error: Program: C:\WSPR\wspr.exe
"This application has requested the Runtime to terminate it in an unusual way.
"Please contact the application's support team for more information."

Running WSPR 2.2 r3617 on Windows 10.


I was able to catch a good buy on this 918ssb mchf pre build. I have Parkinson's and can not build one. Soooo I bought one at a fair price. It is a great little radio so far and starting today I intend to put it through its paces. I have spent two whole days getting the entire station ready for portable ops. I intend to run a bit at .5 w and see how the unit as a whole stands up. So fa,r CAT control has been a real blessing. I intend to use this entire setup for SOTA / Emergency work. I may or may not keep this blog posted.....

just up late h I h I

They have my membership date wrong on this site. It has been at least 4 years. OH well, It's not important. I'm building one of the QRP-LABS 200 milliwatt WSPR beacon. I already built the QLG-1 satellite synchronized clock receiver; which works fine. I think it is a well thought out design and circuit board layout. It has nice big solder pads to get the 1 pulse per second timed pulse and data output to connect to. This device synchronizes the WSPR transmitter to send the signals at the proper time.

Hi Just trying the software...

Low Flux.
Everyone on vacation.
Yech on HF.

I'm totally amazed at what 1W can accomplish. I've seen my call sign spotted in Australia, Brazil, parts of South America.... All over the place. Just 1W. I am really enjoying WSPR.

I plan to run WSPR for the duration of the eclipse experiment from the UK. Other family members are directly in the path of totality and I'm encouraging them to run the AM channel experiment at

1048 -13 -4.1 14.097204 -2 VU2LID MJ88 37 2729

1050 -16 -3.8 14.097115 0 VU3KAZ MK82 30 2472

1056 -14 -4.0 14.097203 -1 VU2LID MJ88 37 2729

1058 -6 -4.0 14.097112 0 VU2ATN ML88 37 2132

1100 -------------------- Transmitting WSPR ----------------------- 20m

1106 -27 -4.1 14.097000 -2 VU2LID MJ88 37 2729

1106 -7 -4.0 14.097109 0 VU2ATN ML88 37 2132

Today a very quickly erected low 80m dipole to provide a reference to the two turn Mag loop.