Yesterday I went on site to see why my WSPR RX was stopped. Discovered freezed PC with "Not enough disk space" message. WSPR v1.2 occupied all disk space - 72 GB per one moth and a half period. Now we on-line again. 73! Gintaras, LY1GP.

Attached, a visual approach in XLS form of the freq correction as outlined by Joe K1JT.


I finally gave in, and loaded Windows XP onto my EEE PC so I could use it with WSPR. I made many attempts to get the Linux binaries working, but ran into so many dependency issues and compiler errors that I simply could not spare any more time on this. I like Linux, but it truly is an OS that has yet to mature, particularly driver-wise, and is not worth my time away from the XYL and 4 children.

I just started with the WSPR technique. My computer input was connected with the output of my FT- 450 Yaesu transceiver, using an audio cable. I did´t have the microphone socket for the transceiver, for that reason I simply connected the output of the computer to my station loudspeaker and brought it near to the microphone. After turning on the Vox, the set up worked perfectly and surprisingly I got down to a reception SNR of 28 db at a distance of 8821 km. Not more than 20 min work! The antenna was a magnetic loop on my balcony. I find the new technique very fascinating.

I'm new at a QTH and am RX only due to lack of HF antennas - I've tried internal antennas but local QRN flattens most WSPR frequencies.

I've connected my FT897 to my colinear for VHF/UHF for RX. I've just begun rxing stations.

A few mins ago on 30m (9th Jan 2010/15 my system incorrectly decoded EB1EHO as 4T/EB1EHO - it's corrected on the next decode.

Dave G0CER

I didn't expect much but the EH Antenna in the loft which is propped up at a 45 º Angle in a due east direction did make some European Contacts but appeared to display directivity. Going to play with this some more !

I'd like to try a WSPR QSO with VK6 around your local sunrise - maybe tonight (our time) early morning your time? I will be CQing on 3575.45 tonight starting at 20:50z until 21:50z. I know it can be done on CW.

So what happened on 3575.45 tonight between 2050z and 2150z?

  1. SP3IY calling me at 2108z SN=0dB, but did not send a report.
  2. RA3ALW CQing at 2120z, 2124z from KO85, SN=-5dB, slight QSB.
  3. OE1LIC calling at 2148z, SN=-7dB. Stopped after first minute TX, QSO not complete.

So much for tonight.

trying to make some QSO's
calling CQ in WSPR mode on 3575,45

With 37db and an self-made ofcd about length: 78m I have had the confirmation of receipt on 40m band of VK6ZRY (13577 km)end VK6BN (13593 km).
Not badly as I begin.
73 Massimo.

I am fairly new to wspr, I have been running the software periodically for a couple of weeks, and have started pondering how to relate this information to "real world" scenarios. I have come across a figure of -10dB SNR as a minimum usable signal level to decode PSK31 transmissions. If I look at most the spots where I have been received, I am usually well into the "minus teens or twenties". Has anybody looked at whether there is a predictable correlation between changes in transmit power and changes in received SNR? I transmit at 37dBM (5W). If I were to double my transmit power (3dB increase), would there be a predictable amount of change in SNR at the stations that receive me, or are there too many factors that affect my receive strength at any given station. Ultimately, I would like to see if we could use this wspr data to predict, for example, how much power should I expect to need to use to get a reliable PSK31 signal into Germany, from North Carolina, on 40m with enough strength to be received.

Today I installed WSPR 2.0 to experiment with QRP. I think this will be my favorite...
After some "technical problems" it worked properly with 5 watts even on the 80m Band (I have no appropriate
antenna for 80m). Well, today's goal was just to become familiar with WSPR. It is generic and "feels good".
I am positively surprised of that radiowave propagation and I will fine tune the system asap.

hello, to all i'm a newbie of wspr from italy. i trasmit from jn56mj with 5 watt in a long wire antenna beam est/west .next fays i will operative on 6 and 2 meter with an vertical antenna for 6 meter and 17 el. yagi for 2 meter. stay tuned !

Well, my 80m Carolina Windom seems to work well with 0.5w so thought I'd use that for a bit of CW practice. For WSPR today just using 0.5w into a directly attached Miracle antenna. Shack noise already rather apparent.

This is my little configuration for WSPR mode receiption: YAESU FRG-100 and homebrewed 70cm long active rod antenna in middle of the house in basement floor.

I am interested in comments of other members as to minimum practical transmit power for 160 WSPR. Thanks, Tom N8TL