WSPR 2.0 is now available for download from the WSJT Home Page,
Click on WSPR in the left margin, then on the appropriate WSPR 2.0 link for your operating system. Installable binary packages are provided for Windows and for recent Debian-based 32-bit Linux systems. A recommended Linux distribution is Ubuntu 9.04.

Version 2.0 of WSPR introduces a number of new program features, including the following:

A few more significant changes to the site today:

1) The chat page now uses user information set in fields from the user profile under "My Account" -> Edit -> WSPRnet. The old "User Info" link, which fetched and stored data from a different place, is no longer used. If you haven't done so, please fill out the WSPRnet info fields.

Hello All,

This subject might have been discussed before but I like to bring it up once more.

The present WSPRnet program has capabilities to plot its data versus time, such as the number of receive reports.

The WSPRnet database contains data that could be used for propagation plots for a particular station to and from

other participating stations and well in semi real time.

Is it possible to add the ability to plot the received signal reports ( in dB ) over lets say a 24 hour UTC
day between 2 or even more than 2 stations.

I'm in the process of doing some improvements to the database and associated code, and I wanted to explain several things I did today. Joe (K1JT) is in the process of developing a new version of WSPR, and some minor schema changes were required to support some of the new features (I won't give anything away at this point!). That's what I was just doing during the 30-minute work tonight.

Since I put some WSPR reports into the HRD log to analyse it, something went wrong. Coincidentally I sent the reports to eQSL. I deleted the logs, but anyone who has received a eQSL from me for a JT65 QSO can delete it. Sorry for the inconvinience.


Was not able to upload manually so some of the files are included here as attachment:

I've been in Ham Radio since the 1960s.
I was active on RTTY in the 1970s with a
microprocessor based bit banging terminal
using modified Sidereal Muicronet II hardware.

The unique tools provided by the WSPR system
have awakened my interest in HF propagation
and antenna issues. I finally put up a 130
foot Van Gordon dipole I bought some ten years ago,
and put my Dentron SuperTuner back together.

Now I understand why hitting Europe from the
Oregon Rainforest is so tricky - it's the
auroral oval that is in the way.

Started Ham Radio activities, during Electronics Engineering course in early seventies when worked about 40 + Countries in 160 meter band, using a building top dipole and converted HF aircraft radios.

At this time the commercial Rig availability was limited and used Bendix TA12, Marconi TX and Command Sets.

Went to USA several times and had the honour to be personnal friend of W1BB, Stewart Perry.

Had PT2FRU, PT2CW and "A" Class, PY2CW since 1979.

Operates mostly from a mobile shack installed in a Winnebago Motor Home.

By curiosity, I have noticed some spots ( their are not unique, one can search in the database ).

My first over night test of WSPR was extremely succcessful, read the full sotry in my blog on

I would like that WSPR can drive CAT- TRX at com 1 rs232 for

all known trancievers,
so then we could program the bandswitching,
on specific times,
the frequentie setting and the ptt(TX),the usb (mode).

So we can automate the whole process off prop.prediction



I set the DSP setting on the rig for HPF 1000Hz LPF 1800Hz. I will let it run and see if that does help on SNR ( I would think so ). Tonight I will try to narrow it a little bit more.

This weekend i did setup the station for all
bands RX and TX , pwr 5 watt ts870 and the antenne
for 3.5 7 10 14 18 24.8 28.4 is a ZS6BKW dipool
direction N/Z not ideal but it will do.

for 14 21 28 mhz there is a FB13 whith a rotor.

most off the time the ZS6BKW is connected.
we will see the results realtime.
73 Peter PA0PVL.

Today is 10-31-09 and i have been working with WSPR and what a wonderfull program.Last night on 30m i seen calls from around the globe.I am using an FT-847 and folded dipole at 30ft,MFJ-929 tuner and power is 2.8w on 10.138.700

Today is my first day in this mode. A litlle power, but wonderful.