Will leave the radio on tonight set to 0.5w on 10 MHz. Will try using the home made 1/4 wave vertical and see if I can make it over the pond :-)

Just starting out. Been active with WSJT for a long time. Now trying WSPR.

Currently running on 6m with 5 element beam pointed East.

I've been trying to get the WSPR software to compile under Ubuntu 9.04, but am having no success at all :(

I am now searching for a set of binaries to download but so far have found none.
I am beginning to wonder if I am the only person trying to run WSPR under Ubuntu these days ?

i am qrv many bands,80M, with Windom antenna 42m long
40M with 2 elem Beam by PKW
10, 15, 20M TH5DX, and 6M 5 elem by I0JXX
and QTF is many time to 300 degré
for other info
Bests Regards
Laurent ON3VHF

Hello wishpers,

In close cooporation between the DAGOE Foundation, Mercy Ships and 4 Dutch radio amateurs a new DX-pedition is on its way. They will visit Benin from October 7th untill October 30st. The team expect to be on air from October 10th-27th from the village Grand Popo (JJ06VG) and will also participate in the CQWW SSB 2009. The team set the following goals and will be able to reach these goals with help of the radio amateur community worldwide:

Last 2 nights, WSPR has shut down around 1830z

Other times it goes through the night without a problem.

Using WSPR version 1.12_r1177. Win XP sp3.

Being sporadic makes it difficult to analyse what's going on.

The only other event on the computer at that time that I'm aware of is a scheduled scan from AVG anti virus. There's nothing in the AVG event log that indicates it has a problem with WSPR.

I won't be sitting up overnight to observe what happens, so I may never find out. :o\

The first attempt to run WSPR under VISTA was negative.
WSPR seems to use current folder for writing, but Vista blocks writing inside "Program files".
That was cured by installing WSPR in the other place. Now it works. I think, that it can be cured in other way, by editing WSPR folder privileges or by turning off the UAC. Not tried yet.
73 de Nick, UT2UZ

Thanks to everyone! I just got back from my sailing trip and checked the database: More than 2.500 enties on 80, 40, 30, 20, 17, 15 and even some on 12m within 6 days! No spots on 10m though - obviously the piece of wire I used as an antenna didn't work on 10m at all. Among the spots are some really nice one's:
2009-09-06 16:08 OE1IFM 7.040118 -22 0 JN65 1 VK6POP OF88bd 13432 106
2009-09-09 20:58 OE1IFM 14.097125 -18 1 JN65 1 WB5NMZ EM62vi 8152 299

Interesting to see the spots from the antipodes with 5 watts to the vertical. Difficult to return the compliment due to relatively high urban noise levels. After an antenna overhaul I will try a power reduction to 33 db and see how that works.

I am looking forward too new things in this wonderful hobby & new thing too occupy my excess time & more interesting things !

You may have a look at
The good news is that a large majority of reporters are within +/3Hz and has a good frequency stability.
You can see how I calibrated my TRX before/after the night.

Yesterday i developed a very simple web app that searches my local WSPR database and returns all 2WAY WSPR spot pairs that i had...

¿What i call a "2WAY WSPR spot pair"?
A pair of "inverse" spots whose timestamps do not differ more than 10 minutes in the same band. "Inverse" menan that callsign and reporter are switched in those spots.

Nothing really new, but for the newcomers to 80,160m and below bands, I've posted a few new plots, result of last night experiments on 80m. It is on my Picasa web-album.
You may start here:
And move forward using the album arrows.
It shows what kind of improvement can be expected from a simple magn-loop versus a vertical in a noisy environment (if you are lucky enough to have a very quiet location "man-made noise-free", it may not be that effective - A magn-loop is only effective to nul-out a local noise source arriving at low angle).

It is not the first time I am doing such a tests, using a Magn-loop and/or a K9AY. More tests can be seen by following the links at the bottom of the last album picture.
A good start on "low-band receiving" specific problems, and comparison of RX-ant perf. can be found at

I have just been taking my first steps with the software, as usual without reading the instructions. It's suprising how far you can get on instinct!
Managed to log VK2UD on 40 metres twice between 2100 NZST and 2200 NZST, but due to incorrect set up have lost the record and didn't upload. Better next time he comes up I hope.
Transmitting can wait until I have gor the receiving correct.

Hi all,
Finally I got my Softrock 6.2 (80m/40m) running for WSPR. I am using ROCKY feeding the VAC (Virtual Cable) feeding WSPR. I tried Winrad, but I have massive stability problems with it. One of the first stations received with the Softrock was VK6BN. Great stuff. Any others here using the Softrock ???
73 de Christoph DF9CY