Noticing some WSPR activity on 504 Khz band and having 0 experience of bands
below 1.8Mhz I just tuned-in to see. Just using my untuned vertical and
despite my very noisy location I received the SM6BHZ beacon immediately.
Reminded me when I first heard W5UN on 2m EME (just using 4x9 home-made yagis
made from Al recovered from the bin...)... magic !

Knowing the improvement brought by the RX-loop on 160m, I decided to try
quickly something to see if the 160m loop could be tuned down to 504kHz.
A quick calculation, indicated that I needed around 1nF capa to get the loop
to resonnate at 504. in fact 1nF was not enough, the final value was found by
experimentation (just using the band-noise to find the resonnant freq) to be
around 1390pF (2x470pF + 2x220pF silver mica caps + a small 40pF adjustable
cap), which means that my 6 turns loop has an inductance of approx 72uH (and
not 100 as first estimated !). At this frequency, the bandwidth is extremely
limited, just approx +/- 1.5kHz at -3dB.

I then discovered, that the IC756pro2, did not have sufficient sensitivity to

Is active beacon IQ4DJ (RADIO CLUB ARI CARPI) to 137 kHz 24 H no stop

Signal to WSPR 137,500 Khz (USB dial 136,000)
Signal to QRSS10 137.760Khz
signal to QRSS3 137.700Khz

40W power on 50 Ohm
Vertical antenna 12m + 20 m horizontal
0.6 A current in antenna

Are welcome spot.

For the radio club I4BBO Valentino

Electronic Translation

Many of you may wonder what the huge amount of data available in the WSPR-DB may be used for...
Just for the newcomers, I am spotting here again some work I have done using the WSPR-data. (just updated)
You may find ideas for you own work. Please spot any propagation, antenna or other related study you may have done using WSPR.

Thanks and best regards - Patrick

My AVG anti-virus has started reporting that Dimension4 is infected with SHeur2.AZMQ Trojan Horse.

The following notice appears on the Thinking Man Software website:

AVG Antivirus recently updated their software to search for the SHeur2.AZMQ Trojan Horse. This recent AVG Antivirus update INCORRECTLY identifies Dimension 4 as being infected with this new Trojan Horse.

In close cooperation between the DAGOE Foundation, Mercy Ships and 5 Dutch radio amateurs, a new DX-pedition is on its way.

If everything goes according to plan the team foresees a visit to Benin from October 7th until October 30th.

The team expects to be on air from October 10th-27th and will also participate in the CQWW SSB 2009.

I am in contact with the DX-pedition and they will take one of my beacons to Benin.
So if it works out TY1MS will be active in WSPR!

In earlier days while being new to operating it was fully satisfactory
to make the contact, log it, and move to the next one. Only much later
it became more interesting to search for what is behind it, what sort of
conditions, and to quantify signals or levels as a reality check for
the used technology. For some years I have advocated that a single
antenna is not enough on any band if one wants to optimize the use
of all possible propagation conditions. Actually, even two antennas

Hi All !

Here a picture of my 80cm long MICROVERT Antenna 73m AGL.
Thats my 30m Antenna I use since I started WSPR.
The black line points to my MICROVERT.

peter dl6nl

This is the small antennas i am using at my "town"-QTH.
From top down....
2m+,7m HB9CV (2 el,)
20 m dipol (2*1,3m with coils)
30 m dipol (2*0,5m with coils)
Rig is FT-817
Interface RigExpert

I and many others believe in keeping an interface as simple as possible.

Makes things easy to repair, no RigBlasters here, or Signalinks.

The attached picture shows the antennas in use at G3XBM.

Although I sometimes decode OK2SAM's WSPR signal, it always need to be strong...
On the attached file, OK2SAM signal is around -10 but getting no decoding. On the other hand the upper signal at 11:40z got decoded at -26 (the stronger one in the same period is 7L4IOU at -10.)
OK2SAM, if you ever read this post, please explain what kind of settings you are using to produce such a signal, resisting to WSPR decoder ! (You may also want to fix it !)


Back at the Home QTH, my MEPT is on 28.125995MHz. Hopefully near enough to the WSPR slot to produce some Spots.

Power out is 350mW Antenna 6m Vertical at ground level with radials.

One more interesting thing found when exploring duplicated spots.

I can understand that sometimes noise can be interpreted as a message:

090812 1750 1 -33 1.5 7.040173 8IT/6Q9WVG 8 -1 18339 19

I found my TenTec RX320D to be a wonderful WSPR receiver. I have to set a slight offset of 27 Hz. No more drift seen after switching on than with the TS690s. It is a pity that it has no transmitter ...

I often hear a VK7 on 40m ssb in the mornings here in the UK.
Very strong.

So I'm gonna leave 40m running over night until about 0600Z and see what happens.

Also...encouraged by my 80m reports, I might try 160m over the weekend too.

- Andy -