Phoenix ARC is setting up a semi-permanent WSPR operation to study variations in propagation. Initially on 20mm (TX only), we hope to start TX on 30m soon, followed by 40m later in September when we may add RX in September, and maybe a second WSPRLite. We also hope to expand our propagation page to include our WSPR activities. or 73 MX0PHX

Unfortunately due to family matters, I was not at my station as the eclipse traveled across the US but I have now returned to find a very interesting summary log during the period from 2044 hours UTC and 2358 hours UTC 21/08/2017.

Using my WSPRLite, Homebrew 1/4 Wave 20m vertical with 4 x 1/4 wave radials spaced at 90 degrees with a 45 degree slant as a ground plane with feedpoint at around 4.5metres , 200mw.

There is a block of spots/reports from the North US with distances ranging from 4900km to 8400km. Little or no Euro.

First time on this mode, very excided with the initial results. An amazing system, 73

Fortunate to live in path of totality for Aug 21 total eclipse! I had family visiting from out of town to experience it, so we were out on the porch watching the big show in the sky. Enjoyed the sun's corona and the "360-degree sunset colors" all around on the horizon during totality. Birds and circadas went silent and my chickens went in the coop. As the sun brightened again, the roosters began crowing and the birds and insects started up again.

It was a magical experience.

Eclipse began at 17:01 UTC

I have analyzed the results of my WSPR spots collected the day before, during and after the eclipse. The operation was limited to 40m, due to the antenna, although this has given good greyline results in the past. I wasn't able to travel to the path of totality but operated from southern BC at CN89nc.

My station was spotted 50 times on Monday, of which 27 spots are unique and do not occur on Sunday or Tuesday - encouraging.
None of the unique spots occur between 15:46 and 21:05 UTC which was the start/end time of the eclipse - disappointing.

21st August 2017 - UTC

KX3 CHA / F-Loop [VSWR 1.1:1] / 20m @ 5W

19 unique calls during eclipse and just after including VA3RCL @ 5318km 293az

I have had my 80M WSPR station running since yesterday on 80M to get some baseline data, as well as data during the eclipse here in the path of totality.
I was a little worried last night when the FT8 crowd busted in on 3.572.6. Their big signals really were overlapping the WSPR bandwidth. Fortunately, today didn't see much FT8.
I was outdoors observing the eclipse, but had set the station to TX 50% of the time. Hopefully others along the eclipse path noted my signal improving around 17:15-17:25 UTC.

Lots of activity today for the eclipse. Fascinating to watch

Upgraded Mag loop with large split stator capacitor. Still using two, joined 1.5m RG213 lengths for loop with RG-174 loop feed.

Well, my rig interface just went out, so I won't be able to transmit during the eclipse.

I will have my "gorgon stare" 160-10 meters CW, WSPR, and JT65/JT9 receive array online and reporting to pskreporter (cw & JT) and (WSPR).

Well, my rig interface just went out, so I won't be able to transmit during the eclipse.

I will have my "gorgon stare" 160-10 meters CW, WSPR, and JT65/JT9 receive array online and reporting to pskreporter (cw & JT) and (WSPR).

its a pain in the ass to setup

#Back2School time , after some temporary operations the my WSPR beacon will now full time operational on 20M band.*
With an WSPRLite (from SotaBeam) Autobeacon with 200mW & G5RV (Full size 32m / 102 feets) feed center 36 feet high).
Powered from network grid to USB Voltage (re-start and time reset could happen time by time).
Will be glad to receive some reports if you can heard it.
Hope to read you soon.
Best 73s from Benjamin / F4FPR / AG5HQ.

I've been struggling a bit to get three stations on the air for the eclipse. I think I finally have it - I don't think I was driving the audio sufficiently. I've now got reports on 20m, but waiting for 80m (currently 1300 EDT/1700Z) and 6m (waiting for the magic). I see a local guy (K1EHZ) on 80m, so he should be able to spot me if I am really transmitting.

Using WSJT-X - I couldn't get WSPR to control my rigs as easily, and WSJT-X was kind of plug-and-play

In time for the eclipse, we have just released a free Android app for WSPRlite. WSPRlite-to-go allows you to program and use a WSPRlite in the field. It uses timing and location data from your Android device too.

WSPRlite-to-go is a free download at

73 Richard G3CWI