I obtained the go ahead to run an Unattended Solar Powered Test on 10.140073 MHz during the summer months.

My Multimode MEPT recently completed 62 days of trouble free unattended operation. During this time daily spots were posted proving its constant signal. QRSS Knights posted captures of the visual modes and it appeared on the Grabber network. In addition I personally viewed the signal from up to 1000Km away.

This proves the stability of what I shall call the SM6LKM method of setting voltage levels for the individual tones.

After initial successful experiments, my station seemed to go dead. Receiving but not transmitting.
Was transmitting at tiny power - seemed to be a milliwatt or so.
Finally tracked down the issue. I had changed from my 'experimental' data cable to my 'production' cable. The experimental cable was using the 1200bps pin and the production cable was using the 9600bps pin. Changed the rig (FT857 and FT897) to DIG mode rather than USB and all FB now. QRV again.

de Glenn, ZL2TLD

FT857 or FT897 on 30m into 40m Windom via ATU until I put up a dipole for 30m. Antenna is resonant on 40/20/10 if anyone wants a sked. email address on

During all this week I will have my beacon in 10 meters...

28.1246 Mhz... 10W & 30m LW...

150 ASL - 100 AGL

I hope that there are many reports and let's cross the Atlantic ocean...

73's de EA2NN...


I'm about as barebones as can be imagined.

Transceiver: Yaesu FT-817, typically running 0.5w
Antenna: 40m dipole, coax fed (yes, not optimal on 30m)
Software: Homebrew beaconing software, written and running on my MacBook

I'm writing up some of my experiments on my blog at

I've also begun to acquire the parts for a standalone beacon based on the 74HC240.

Radios: ICOM IC-746 HF/2 meter transceiver and Kenwood TM-700D 2 m./70 cm. transceiver
Antennas: MFJ-1798 2-80 meter vertical (used for WSPR) and Cushcraft MA5B minibeam on 30 foot tower for 10-20 meter DX. Also two Diamond gorund plane verticals for VHF/UHF work.
Computer: HP Pavilion 5568 running Windows XP and MS Explorer 7.
Geographical Information:
Elevation: 260 feet
Grid square: FN42fb

I have decided to stick to the one antenna my 160 Meters vertical for all bands. 160/80/40/30/20/17/15//12/10 Meter.

Name : Paul

QTH : Zuid Scharwoude ( 40 km from Amsterdam )

TX-RX : Kenwood TS-2000X , Kenwood TS-850s , Icom IC-7000 ,Flex-5000A Home made amps for hf 700W. and 23cm 50 W , ATV 10.4 Gig.

Tuner : Home made C-L-C tuner ( automatic tune via PC )

ANT - HF : Hustler vertical , full size dipoles for 80-40-30m, full size loop 160m, magnetic loop 80-20m.

ANT - VHF-UHF-SHF : Diamond X200 , Comet GP50 , homemade beam 2m , Crossyagi 2-70 , 27 ele beam 23 cm high band , 27 ele beam 23cm low band. Horn 10.4 gig , dish 10.4 gig.

rx/tx icom 7200. power 5 wats
age 63. qth heemskerk
antenna magnetic loop indoor . homemade.

Transceiver: IC-7200
Power out: 1 watt
Antenna: 100-ft doublet, 30 ft up, fed with 300-ohm twinlead
Matching: MFJ Deluxe Versa Tuner II
QTH: Longmont, CO (30 miles north of Denver metro area)
Altitude ASL: ~5,000 feet

name martin .
qth heemskerk 25 km. near amsterdam.
rx/tx. icom 746. power 20 wats.
antenna. g5rv. all band.


Wondering if anyone has played with WSPR in the ELF ranges? Seems like this would be a way to really accomplish the long awaited trans-atlantic QSO!

Just reporting that the Prop Map function seem to hang on IE 6 (yes, I should upgrade but I am can not due to other apps that will not work on IE7. Prop Map works fine on latest version of Firefox.
73, Bernie, VE3FWF