Was heard by EA8BFK today. My 5 watts into my attic dipole at only 15' apparently found a path. And prop conditions are poor. Nice.

See geographically illustrated summary of solar eclipse WSPR propagation on 160m and 630m. Over forty operators used 160m during eclipse. (scroll 1/3) Thanks, all.

At the moment I am in the Republic of Belarus. 50 km to the south of the city Vitebsk village Zavetnoye LOK: KO54DU. Here I have the equipment: FT-857D, ANT: CW80-100 40-6m, F9FT 9el on 2m. 73! See you live!

- Simultaneously 3 band Tx (40m, 30m and 20m)
- 3x200mW
- Automatic time syncronisation with GPS
- Power supply with 5V USB power bank or 7V-26V DC
- 50 ohm output can feed 3 band dipole antenna
- Robust output amplifier (e.g. will not be damaged due to static, ...)
- Wide temperature range

So, it's designed to take with you on holiday.

More information can be found on Facebook group:



Use the radioberry (a trx radio hat for the Rpi) as a standalone multichannel (4) WSPR receiver.

The WSPRBerry implements the following:

-) recording max 4 WPSR channels

-) using FPGA firmware, implements a DDC to produce 375 samples per second

-) writing the samples per band to a .c2 files to process by the WSPR decoder

-) upload the decoded to wsprnet

For more info see :

Happy whispering,

73 johan PA3GSB

Amazed that my 2 watts of rf to my 90cm diameter mag loop was heard by VK2XN at -16db.
I also heard VK2XN at -12db.
Does that count as a contact ;-))
More surprising because of recent radio blackout due to a CME the previous day!

Trying again to see how wspr works today.
Not real good yet.

I have been away from digital modes for six months or so while I was reconstructing the radio station. Now I have an old but CAT capable Rig FT 757 GX II and a new PC, so digital modes are back on the menu.
So far WSPR and JT65 and in the past day I have been on FT8. Interesting .....

Nice surprise in my log:
2017-09-05 04:44 WE2XGR 0.475681 -21 0 FN43sv 1 F59706 JN07th 5416 59
2017-09-05 04:32 WE2XGR 0.475680 -18 0 FN43sv 1 F59706 JN07th 5416 59
2017-09-05 04:20 WE2XGR 0.475681 -23 0 FN43sv 1 F59706 JN07th 5416 59
2017-09-05 04:12 WE2XGR 0.475680 -27 0 FN43sv 1 F59706 JN07th 5416 59
First TA spot of my new season, one hour before my sunrise (05:15z)and at the same time receiving a lot of NA stations on 160m (W8AC, KC4SIT, K9PAW, K9YWO, KD9XB, WA9WYK).

This is great.
I wish I had thought of it.

I got excited last night after I finished preliminary tuning of my indoor 20mb EFHW antenna and got spotted in VK with 0.5mW.

I installed v1.8 rc2 and it crashes on RX in WinXP. v1.8 rc1 was very stable for me.

2017.09/08 FIXED!
"--rig-name" seems to be causing issues in WinXP. No issues seen with Win10 (my PC at work ... ssshh). Possibly wsjtx couldn't find the correct exexutables ... my crash always happens during the RX decoding phase. 120 seconds ... crash. The code seems to look for wsprd.exe.

Today WSJT-X 1.8.0-rc2 has been released at

I downloaded this version (.deb file for Linux Mint) and installed it. This fixed the
"Hamlib error: Communication timed out while getting current VFO" which I had in combination with my FT-747GX.
As I found other users having the same problem with quite newer rigs, I would recommend to give WSJT-X 1.8.0-rc2 a try ...

I've had a lot of fun playing with WSPR lately.
Very interesting to know where you are being heard at any given moment.


Hello, I am active (rx only) hf 30 bands and 20 metres from mainly on 30 August to 6 September.
look for TK/I55387FI from Corsica JN41NL

Hi I'm testing WSPR with 5W and a 15WL (beaming 280°) on 432.200 . Any comment and/or report are welcome.