Dimension4 Vs AVG

My AVG anti-virus has started reporting that Dimension4 is infected with SHeur2.AZMQ Trojan Horse.

The following notice appears on the Thinking Man Software website:

AVG Antivirus recently updated their software to search for the SHeur2.AZMQ Trojan Horse. This recent AVG Antivirus update INCORRECTLY identifies Dimension 4 as being infected with this new Trojan Horse.

Thinking Man Software has investigated the situation and we have confirmed that Dimension 4 is NOT infected with the SHeur2.AZMQ Trojan Horse. We’ve verified Dimension 4 on our website as well as several other web sites currently offering our product for download.

We’ve contacted AVG to inform them of the error in their software. Their development team is located in the Czech Republic, and as such, we have not yet been able to fully engage with them to rectify this situation. Until then, if you are an AVG Antivirus software user, we encourage you to also contact AVG (virus@avg.com) to fix this issue in their software.

We apologize on behalf of AVG any inconvenience this issue has caused you.

-Thinking Man Software