Low-bands and RX-antennas

Nothing really new, but for the newcomers to 80,160m and below bands, I've posted a few new plots, result of last night experiments on 80m. It is on my Picasa web-album.
You may start here:
And move forward using the album arrows.
It shows what kind of improvement can be expected from a simple magn-loop versus a vertical in a noisy environment (if you are lucky enough to have a very quiet location "man-made noise-free", it may not be that effective - A magn-loop is only effective to nul-out a local noise source arriving at low angle).

It is not the first time I am doing such a tests, using a Magn-loop and/or a K9AY. More tests can be seen by following the links at the bottom of the last album picture.
A good start on "low-band receiving" specific problems, and comparison of RX-ant perf. can be found at

Last but not least: If you plan to build a K9AY and use it on 80m, I would recommend to divide the "original" dimensions by 2. It will remain usable with similar performance on 160m (just less gain), but will work much better on 80m... I did not try it yet on 504Khz but will do...
A simplified diagram (1 direction) is available here
The one I was using last year, was 12m perimeter and was very effective both on 80 and 160(will reinstall it when the grass stops growing).