2WAY WSPR spot pair and eQSL

Yesterday i developed a very simple web app that searches my local WSPR database and returns all 2WAY WSPR spot pairs that i had...

┬┐What i call a "2WAY WSPR spot pair"?
A pair of "inverse" spots whose timestamps do not differ more than 10 minutes in the same band. "Inverse" menan that callsign and reporter are switched in those spots.

I found that it was easy to find the "best SNR" 2WAY spot pair for each band... i also found it was easy to put them in an .adif file to upload to eQSL... Unfotunately eQSL does not accept WSPR as mode, so i had to put PSK32... but i emailed them asking for that inclussion.

I dont know if this really qualfy as a QSO but... I hope you enjoy the idea.... and the QSL...

Any comments are wellcome.
If anyone is interesed let me know...