First tests on WSPR - 30m

I carried out my first WSPR tests this evening on 30m. Rig is an Icom IC-746 running about 5W, or at least as little RF as I can, and the antenna is an American PAR End Fedz 40/20/10. It runs from the upstairs spare bedroom 'shack', and is tacked to a door frame. The wire then runs down the length of the hallway, then down the stairs towards the front door of our small house. Hardly ideal, and besides, the antenna is nowhere near resonant on 30m with a very high SWR.

Nevertheless - I was heard in Japan, ZL, and USA, and was also hearing stations bordering the Pacific. Not bad given the antenna restrictions!

I hope to either fit a resonant 1/2wave indoor wire up for 30m, or alternatively build a magnetic loop for indoor use that I can tune up on 30m.

My QTH here in the Sydney suburbs suffers a lot of broadband HF noise from various sources, including a nearby general hospital, and also I found out today from tests that our home PC PSU has started generating noise again. So, all this evenings WSPR operation has been with the household PC off, meaning no Youtube or Facebook for the XYL whilst I play radio (HI). Perhaps a magnetic loop antenna will also help null out noise. I might have to go shopping for Copper pipe and other bits tomorrow.

20m is far quieter than 30m for me here, but WSPR activity on 20m is almost unheard of. A shame, since some interesting propagation patterns could be investigated on that band using WSPR. Hopefully the 20m 'Activity Period' on 28th Oct will be a chance to try that.

Also, if anyone wants to try any 20m WSPR 'skeds' please drop me an email to (remove both bits)

73 - Rob VK2GOM / G0MOH