160m and Microsoft

I decided to participate in the 160m test.
I strung up a 135 foot doublet which I bought
15 years ago but had never opened. Right now
the ends are up about 30 feet and the center
is about 10 feet. The ladder line comes in
the window sill wrapped in a plastic shopping bag.
Most of the 100 feet lies on the floor in a

I tried matching it on 160 with a Nye Viking
PI network matchbox but it wouldn't tune below
about 3 mHz. So I put my Dentron Super Tuner
back together and that did load up on 160.
The Dentron was working hard to match the doublet,
with the matching coil becoming warm after 110 seconds of
100 watt RF. I could not detect any warming of the
balun coil.

This setup seems to get out on 160 about the same
as some of the other stations adjusting for power.
Unfortunately Microsoft rebooted the computer after
Patch Tuesday, so WA7KGX missed the wee hours of
the morning when conditions on 160 might have been
the best.