Beginner's problems - now receiving

Dear reader,

This is my second evening on 40 meters WSPR. As I write this, 5 stations are heard in Holstebro, Denmark (JO46gi). It is beginning to get dark, so I expect UK and Eire stations to surface soon.

My antenna is just 10 meters of household electrical cable on the floor (radial), and 10 meters on the roof. Not optimal - but it works for RXing.

I had some problemes when starting in this corner of the radio hobby.

1. What audio device to select?
Having downloaded and installed WSPR 1.12 by K1JT, I could not decide which audio device to select in Setup -> Options. When WSPR started, the command window displayed four lines:

Audio device 0; Microsoft Sound Mapper - Input
Audio device 1; NVIDIA(R) nForce(TM) Audio
Audio device 2; Microsoft Sound Mapper - Output
Audio device 3; NVIDIA(R) nForce(TM) Audio

Selecting device 1 for "Audio In" and device 3 for "Audio Out" worked for me.

2. How to get audio into WSPR
The audio output of the radio was connected to the sound card's Line In (blue socket). My headphones, which were connected to the sound card's output, replicated plenty of hiss and radio noise. But WSPR kept telling me "RX noise: -30 dB". The solution was to select "Line In" both in Windows (Control Panel -> Sound) and in WSPR. (Setup -> RX volume control).

3. How to start receiving
I anticipated some kind of "Start RX" button. But you just need to select the RX radio button under "T/R cycle".

4. Being patient
You might not see any traces or detect any stations during the first minutes of RXing. Be patient. Some stations only TX every 10 min. or so.

Dinner is ready soon. While writing the text above, G4CAO has turned up at 7.040019 MHz. I'll let the radio on, and come back later for more WSPR excitement!