WSPR running on my Softrock RX and TX !

I have running my Softrock 6.1 RXTX with PowerSDR40 and WSPR for about a month now and it works very fine and stable. For those who may be interested my setup is:
Antenna: 40m dipole low at about 7m above ground
Hardware: Softock RXTX Version 6.1 (80m/40m Version)
Computer: Pentium Core2Duo 5200 w. 2GB RAM
Soundcard: E-MU0202 at 96 kHz
Software: PowerSDR40 <-> VAC 1,2 || VCOM <-> WSPR
Software: VAC AutoRepeater -> VAC 3 -> Winrad I/Q works as independant RX. This is fine as I can tune around on the band withe the SAME RX Hardware, while WSPR is running in RX Mode.
All VACS (Virtual Audio Cable {should be called Virtual Patch Field}) are set for 8000 .. 192000 Hz sample rate.
Images of my setup are on my homepage:

Christoph DF9CY