Radio Station Equipment VK3XQ

I have decided to stick to the one antenna my 160 Meters vertical for all bands. 160/80/40/30/20/17/15//12/10 Meter. Antenna I am using my 160 Meters top loaded vertical with a tunner at the base, It is 26.4 mts long with 87 radial in the ground approx 2.43 Kmt's of copper wire Rig IC-746 with power measured at the base of antenna as see on or I have approx 65 mts of RG214 coax I am adjusting the output power with the sound card I have found that if I click on the left mouse button and wind the wheel each click has a very fine adjustment at the end I get zero RF output first click is 200mW next is .5w or 500mW next is 1w I have not had time to try all the others I am using a Diamond SWR meter on the 5 watt range so I am not sure how accurate it is but I know when I am on the 200mW setting I am only being copyed in VK OK I will add more as I find out a bit more about QQRP mod

QTH Elavation 800Mts ASL Very quit loaction I can hear almost any station.