WSPR Organ - PCless WSPR TX

Many of us have a Multiband TX/RX which can run QRP but for WSPR a computer is needed in TX only mode which makes a mockery of the term QRP as applied to Station power consumption.

We have produced PIC based MEPT’s for Multi Modes and WSPR.

Some have recorded WSPR audio on MP3 and re-played that for Computer-less operation.

I think Computerless is a well understood term in all walks of life. Well this uses a lot less Computer than most. This uses a small PIC processor with no external memory, sound card, hard drive, video card, monitor, keyboard or mouse and has never had relations with Microsoft or Monica Lewinsky.
For the purists I shall say PCless in future, if I remember.

I have now produced the KISS WSPR Organ.

The name stems from my original idea of using a musical tone generator to produce the WSPR tone frequencies. Talking to an Organ engineer yesterday morning soon proved that approach to be far too complex and my simpler KISS idea was implemented.

The Output can be applied to any HF/VHF SSB Transceiver or better, a simple home brew SSB TX.
The PIC will provide QRSS Morse, Hell, Patterns, WSPR whatever, plus TX/RX switching for any pre determined periods.
There is an advantage over the ‘generate on TX frequency’ MEPT in that nothing is running on signal frequency so the generator can be left running during receive periods if you want to put the computer on to see who is about.

Two Xtals on the ‘same’ frequency use a single 74HC86 for Oscillator, Mixer and Buffer. One Xtal is pulled 1.5KHz HF and the PIC modulates this Oscillator also.The modulated 1.5KHz signal from the Mixer is selected, fed to the Buffer and feeds the TX Data Audio Input via a Set Level pot.

Just one chip plus the PIC and that’s it.