I have built a stepper motor USB controller ready for a magnetic loop, but have yet to build the actual loop.

I have also put up an outside long (well, 22m or so) wire antenna, fed by a 9:1 'magnetic' balun. It seems to tune up OK on 30m, and most of the other higher HF bands, but is not happy on 6m. I have abandoned the internal rig tuner (IC746) and am using an LDGZ100 ATU that normally lives in my 4x4 to match my HF mobile vertical. The wire runs from an upstairs bedroom, out to a 6m squid pole lashed to the washing line, then the wire dangles down towards the ground. There is no counterpoise/earth just yet.

The outside antenna has the advantages that the smoke detector in the hallway no longer beeps when I transmit, and there is now also no TVI.

73 - Rob