Site database changes

I'm in the process of doing some improvements to the database and associated code, and I wanted to explain several things I did today. Joe (K1JT) is in the process of developing a new version of WSPR, and some minor schema changes were required to support some of the new features (I won't give anything away at this point!). That's what I was just doing during the 30-minute work tonight.

I've also gone back to touch the "old database interface" code for the first time in about 1.5 years. Use of it is still discouraged, in that I don't plan to add many (if any) features to it, but it was also the same program file which was used to post spots and stats form the wspr program. I pulled those functions apart, so that the posting function is separate from the user interface. Use "" is depreciated; the new URL for posting and log uploads will be simply "", and "" has the old user database interface (if you try to interactively use the old URL, it will show you a link to the new location). Sorry for any confusion, but that cleans up something which goes back to the first week or two of WSPR when a quick-and-dirty interface was thrown together. Please let me know if anything looks broken with those changes.

While I was in there, I fixed the log uploading feature in the olddb interface, which had been running out of memory for those of us who have been reasonably active (because it was doing something totally unscalable given the size of our historical data). It no longer supports uploading of ancient logs from versions which didn't have a date in the log (pre 0.7 or so).

For those who upload logs rather than realtime spots, I want to remind you to please prune your logs or at least clean up any bogus information....several times I have manually fixed incorrect spots (e.g., wrong band), only to have the bogus data show up again because the log was re-uploaded.