Propagation Plots between stations

Hello All,

This subject might have been discussed before but I like to bring it up once more.

The present WSPRnet program has capabilities to plot its data versus time, such as the number of receive reports.

The WSPRnet database contains data that could be used for propagation plots for a particular station to and from

other participating stations and well in semi real time.

Is it possible to add the ability to plot the received signal reports ( in dB ) over lets say a 24 hour UTC
day between 2 or even more than 2 stations.

Presentation of the Signal strength could be in a bar graph format perhaps. "Connecting the points" would
take more computer resources probably.


Select w6sz as point of interest.



as reporting/transmitting stations.

These stations were just collected from the online users list to see propagation from Southern California
to and from EU and Japan.

Comments please.

73 Rein, W6SZ