Site changes, Sunday 15 Nov

A few more significant changes to the site today:

1) The chat page now uses user information set in fields from the user profile under "My Account" -> Edit -> WSPRnet. The old "User Info" link, which fetched and stored data from a different place, is no longer used. If you haven't done so, please fill out the WSPRnet info fields.

2) There is now significantly more flexibility in what you can use as a callsign for the purposes of reporting spots. This is especially important for SWLs, who found it difficult to fit into a 6-character identifier which looked somewhat like a valid call. As of now, the field can be up to 12 characters, and any visible ascii characters except whitespace are allowed. Lower case is converted to upper case. We might want to discuss what might make a good convention for SWLs. This also allows hams to use conventional portable designations in their reports, e.g., J8/W1BW.