WSPR Spots do not constitute a QSO

I am not an ARRL official, but in my opinion there is no question about it: WSPR spots, even if they occur both ways between two stations, do not constitute a QSO that is valid for DXCC or other awards.

A minimal QSO involves the exchange of information between operators, with appropriate acknowledgments. These things do not happen with automated WSPR transmissions and receptions.

The WSPR QSO mode (introduced experimentally in WSJT 7) certainly does allow valid QSOs to be made. However, this mode has never become popular -- most ops find it too slow to be much fun -- and it will probably not be retained in future versions of WSJT.

For DX QSOs with very weak signals, JT65A is probably still the best there is.
-- 73, Joe, K1JT