Hi everybody,

I just made a companion program of WSPR.

It is called wspr-map and it is available on

It reads from ALL_WSPR.TXT the infos about the received stations and plot them
on xplanet map centred on the QTH.

It also computes the distance and the bearing.

It supposes that wspr is installed in ~/WSPR as done by the .deb distributed

It requires that the xplanet configuration file /etc/xplanet/config/default
have a line like this...


where you will change "pino" with your user name.

On the site there is a screen-shot just to have an idea.
The program is available as source: it is written in GAMBAS 2.18 under the GNU

There is also an installation file for Debian and one for Ubuntu.

I can provide the installation file for other distros if required.

Hope you will enjoy it !

Please let me know how does it work.

Best 73