G3ZJO Multimode + WSPR MEPT reliability report

I obtained the go ahead to run an Unattended Solar Powered Test on 10.140073 MHz during the summer months.

My Multimode MEPT recently completed 62 days of trouble free unattended operation. During this time daily spots were posted proving its constant signal. QRSS Knights posted captures of the visual modes and it appeared on the Grabber network. In addition I personally viewed the signal from up to 1000Km away.

This proves the stability of what I shall call the SM6LKM method of setting voltage levels for the individual tones.

Its final demise on 'Solely Solar' came on the 63rd day when the poor sunshine record for the summer months caused the battery voltage to fall beyond usable levels. Luckily I returned on that day and re instated the mains float charge on the battery.

Many thanks to all stations who 'popped down' 10.140073 MHz and 'spotted the Beacon'.