Site Futures

First of all, I wanted to report that the site changes made over the last month have helped stability considerably. Things seem to be running much more smoothly, resulting in far fewer load spikes (which were causing timeouts when posting spots as well as viewing pages).

I will be on holiday from Saturday the 17th through the 31st, and I will be pretty far out of touch for most of time. I don't anticipate any problems while I'm gone.

I want to thank Trevor G0KTN and Stu K6TU (ex N6TTO) who have been helping with the site administration. Those two are the best points of contact for site issues while I'm gone. Stu has also offered to help with some future site enhancements. We've talked about a bunch of things we both would like to see done, and it will be great to have some help on the programming side.

I see Pavel, CO6WT (below), also just offered to help with some of the analytics, which is also something Stu and I have talked about. Thanks, Pavel, though I probably won't have time to work with you too much until January.

The whole idea of this site was to create a community in which WSPRers could help each other out and share data and experience. I'm happy to involve more people in the site development side as well!