New bigear and Record broken at 50µWatt DM3XRF

Last night I saw DM3XRF (new wspr menber) spotting me at 1mW with -4dB SNR. I increased my weinschel attenuator to 23dB =50µWatt.
And yes this morning I got 1 spot with-13dB SNR so plenty room to go lower..
Indeed -13dB 304 km gives 6.08 Km/µWatt. 16dB (-29dB min) room so with 2.5µW it could be possible!
Congrats Peter, but pls provide us with details off your bigear.

2009-12-28 07:50 ON8DC 3.594055 -13 0 JO21be 0.001 DM3XRF JN39pi 304 131