Just got started using WSPR

Just got started using WSPR, after it was mentioned to me in an email from a fellow Elecraft user, Trevor, G0KTN.

I think I'm going to love this mode. Being home all the time, but usually too busy to spend much time on the air, and with one of my main interests in radio being just seeing how far a little RF will go, this is a great way to see where I can reach with little effort.

My rig is an Elecraft K3, and I'm setting the output power to 1W for this mode. Antenna is an MFJ magnetic loop for 40m, 30m and 15m, dipoles for 20m and 10m, and a loaded dipole for 80m. All antennas are in the attic.

Visit my web page G4ILO's Shack for more information about my radio interests. There will probably be an article about WSPR there before too long!