wsprnet graph engine ready, first examples...

Hello every body, and happy new year for all.

In the little spare time during xmats (between drinks and happiness) I developed the initial structure for the graph plotting, and 2 simple graph (attached to this post) for evaluation, the plots shows only data for dec 1 to dec 16 (that's all data i have downloaded before xmats holidays, remember I only have Internet in my work place, a dialup at 33kbps)

Tell me what you think about it, and give me ideas for new plots.

PS: after the plots are ready, then will be a process for insert the software in the drupal interface of the site, so it's "develop" state now, real usable graph for every one must wait a while.

One more: please ignore for now any ortographical error you see, even better point me out where they are for correct it.