K0AWU EN37ed -- WSPR -- Northern Minnesota

Jan 15th, my first day operating WSPR. I am in the northern woods and lake country of Minnesota, about 160miles north of Minneapolis. At this time I am running at .1watt (100mw) on 20m or 40m depending upon the time of day. Very curious to see paths at this power level. The rig is a Elecraft K3/10 and the antennas are an inverted Vee on 20m, the center at about 40ft and on 40m a dipole IN THE TREES about 15ft off the ground.

Schedules would be welcome on 40m / 20m as well as VHF ... it would be interesting to check frequency stability on the higher frequencies.

73 Bill K0AWU

Oct 4th,2010 WSPRing away with K1JTs "beta" versions of WSPR written to support SDR IQ. I am using both SoftRock RxTx Ensembles and a SoftRock v6.3RxTx. I continue to run at 100mw on 20m and 200mw on 40m. This new version (2.1) looks like it will allow me to get still more use out of my SoftRocks. I need to get a 30m antenna up since that band is so popular, I mostly WSPR on 20m.

73 Bill K0AWU EN37ed