Just arrived in this group...

Hello all,

It is amazing how things develop rapidly these days ! Just yesterday Oct 8th I became aware of this mode and now abt 24 h later I have already tested the software in the rx mode with moderate success during the dark hours. This in spite of the fact that I did not match my 80 m antenna to 30 m and my homebrew receiver does not have a 30.m BPF at the fron end, so I just plugged in the antenna and operated without any filtering. I am looking forward to the results with properly matched antenna, which is certainly required for the transmitter. On the other hand, with the required tx power level of 1 W , one could easily spend most of the output normally available ( abt 15 W in my case !!!) for heating the transmatch, feed line and the ground, and still radiate with more-than-sufficient level.

I am certain, that in my adaptation to this mode, previous experience with RTTY and PSK31 has been most heplful, at least all the hardware was already there. Therefore I expect to be in the air with both rx and tx in the near future.

73 and gl de Heikki (OH2LZI)