30M Antenna Comparison - Late Afternoon

I have recently linked my Flex 5000A with WSPR 2.0, after configuring the virtual cables correctly the CAT control has allowed me to both receive and transmit with the Flex. It wasn't obvious at the beginning that my Flex was going to want to be controlled by WSPR 2.0. Once everything was working together I decided to compare the performance of my antennas on 30M, the key is finding someone who is listening and transmiting long enough to run the comparison. The three antennas that I wanted to compare are: 80M Full Wave Delta loop up 45ft running north/south, G5RV up 45ft running north/south and ZeroFive Vertical. Each antenna is fed with LMR-400 with a 1:1 choke balun at the entry point into the shack.

EA1DZM was kind enough to listen long enough for me to evalutate all three antennas, unfortunately EA1DZM was not transmitting so I wasn't able to compare the antennas in both transmit and receive over the same progation path.

The Flex 5000A was set to transmit 1W (30db) at 10.140090 MHz:

19:52z 5697Km EA1DZM Loop -13db +/-0.5db
20:16z 5697Km EA1DZM G5RV -14db +/-0.5db
20:28z 5697Km EA1DZM ZeroFive -20db +/-0.5db

The two wire antennas seemed to perform about the same in transmission and both are ~6db better than the vertical.

Unfortunately EA1DZM wasn't transmitting during this period so I had to pick another station who was monitoring my transmission with each antenna.
I found W3HH who was 1432Km away and who had transmitted during each antenna test period. The results are consistent with
my experience with these antennas:

19:56z 1434Km W3HH Loop -7db +/-0.5db
20:14z 1434Km W3HH G5RV -15db +/- 0.5db
20:34z 1434Km W3HH ZeroFive -15db =/- 0.5db

I have always enjoyed using the loop and it is not the ideal antenna for 30M and certainly this is just having fun with Whisper but I did
enjoy the experiment...Thank you to both EA1DZM and W3HH for being there on 30M.

The Loop has always seemed to work well on 20M and so I took some more data to compare the performance of these antennas on 20M.
VE6OG had a great signal on 20M and he seemed to capturing my transmissions, this seemed like a good opportunity to
compare the antennas again using the same station to characterize both the transmitted and received signals....just for the fun of it.

The 1 watt (30db) transmission results:

21:08z 3220Km VE6OG Loop +5db +/- 0.5db
21:12z 3220Km VE6OG G5RV +3db +/- 0.5db
21:18z 3220Km VE6OG ZeroFive -2db +/- 0.5db

The receive results were only captured for the Loop and the vertical -(VE6OG was transmitting with 5 watts):

20:10z 3220Km VE6OG Loop +12db +/- 0.5db
21:30Z 3220Km VE6OG ZeroFive +1db +/- 0.5db

Thank you to VE6OG for being available on 20M.
I continue to prefer operating with my Full Wave 80M Delta Loop...

Happy Whisper Operation.