Beacon back to Gernot, OE1IFM

The homebrew beacon of Gernot, OE1IFM, has been running here for abt 2 months with no problems.
I started with 1 Watt and later on with 0.5 Watt.
The used antennas were: wire 7 meter (non-resonant), coax-trap dipole 80/40 meter and a coax-trap dipole 30/17/12 meter.
The most spots gave the 80/40 dipole (500-1000/day) of course mostly on 80 and 40 meter.
Gernot tolled me he has new plans with the beacon.
And if that will happen, he may tell it himselve.
So far I thank Gernot for using the beacon and I hope that I could provide good input for version 2.
' 73
Peter , PE1DCD