What RIG's do you use?

Hi all! Everytime I read the "special activities" where power of 500 mW is mostly planned I wonder how you guys do it and which RIG's you use for this. I use an FT-857D where the lowest power set is 5 Watt. Although I know that in fact because of some loss in cable and tuner now the whole 5 Watts reach the feed of the antenna even with this 5 Watts its obviuosly no problem to get reports from Australia with my crappy multiband vertical antenna. So I'd love to do it with less power and really send a "weak" signal but how? What RIG's do you use?
Btw. I want to take the opportunity to thank you all for the reports!
Many thanks in advance for your replies.
Cheers, 73, Gregor DM1RG