G3020 and WSPR

Hi Preston! Thanks for the reply.
I read you comments about the G3020 on the vendors page there.
Yeah I have several usb2serial converters flying arround at home. I would prefer "extract" one from its "case" and directly mount it inside the case of the G3020 then.
I am aware that it seems to be lots of work to do, perhaps thats the reason why I fancy with this kit. Except my sound converter for digimode I have nearly no homebrew staff in my shack and this is uncool.
The G3020 is maybe a good start. Since I learned electrotechnical job the soldering is hopefully not the problem. At leasts its not SMD at all.
I already saw the cooling fans in some pictures in the internet, already have a nice fan for this in backup.
Although I have a brand new Intel CoreI7 - PC with an ASUS board at home I never trust "onboard soundcards". But I must say at least for music this one on the ASUS board is ok. What does not necessarily mean that its ok also for WSPR and digimode.
Is there an external soundcard model you can recommend? External thats why because I plan to take the G3020 along with the laptop when traveling and the laptop build in soundcard is definitely crap.
Have a nice day all.

DM1RG Gregor