I'm new to WSPR.

I have downloaded it and the main screen is being displayed.
I have it running through a Signalink USB interface but with no internet connection so I monitor it thought wish website.

Firstly are the frequency's USB dial (MHz): 0.5024, 1.8366, 3.5926, 5.2872, 7.0386, 10.1387, 14.0956, 18.1046, 21.0946, 24.9246, 28.1246, 50.293, 144.488
are the ones that I put into my transciever when I want to transmit or are these the listening frequencies?

On the program itself in the Frequencies (Mhz) box it displays 2 Dial and Tx.

Also as I am only transmitting and down want to overload my transciever (running 5watts) what is the best setting for TX fraction?

I am new to this program and any more useful info would be gratefully recieved.

Thank you

Michael (Charlie) Powell