New Kid (!) on the Block

Hello all.

I discovered this web site and mode via a link from the "PSK Reporter" part of the ever-improving Ham Radio Deluxe suite of programs.

Having been interested in propagation since I was a teenager, 30+ years ago I am finding this mode right up my street.

At the time of writing the difficulty for me is to ensure that I can generate WSPR signals at an acceptably accurate power level (I have opted for half a watt) whilst still providing reliable triggering of my transmitter.

At the moment I am relying in VOX operation, though this may change. I may end up with a 10dB power attenuator as a more reliable alternative, all options being considered at the moment.

I am transmitting either from a low 80m dipole (less than 10m above ground) or a 30m loft dipole at approximately 10m above ground, and I am interested to compare the results as a starting-out point.

Lowest decodable signals here are around the -28dB mark, I see others in other locations sometimes manage significnantly better than this.

I intend to operate frequently when I am in and around the shack, usually in the evenings, UK time say from 1700 to 2200 UTC, probably an hour later when daylight saving kicks in towards the end of this month.

Like most of the others, and I have seen many comments on this subject, I am operating at least initially on 10MHz.

That's all from the ever-youthful

Martin - G4FUI (age 51!)