Antenna auto-switcher for ICOM transceivers

For those who are interested to compair antenna performances (TX/RX) over a long period using WSPR, and who own an ICOM transceiver, my friend F5LEN wrote a little software, which allows to switch TRX antenna 1/2 according to a predefined timing... (of course you need a TRX with 2 ants ports; ie IC756, 7800, etc)

You also need a CI-V interface, and you just enter the COM port , the baud rate, the CI-V trx address and the desired timing (personnaly I used 10mns as it allows to identify easily in the DB the minutes starting with odd or even figure)
If you dont a have an ICOM rig... I have another solution using a coaxial relay, a simple LPT interface, and a little freeware... (the one I used for the antenna tests, visible at - go to April / May blog archives)
If you are interested, just contact me at f6irf[aaaattttt}
I did not test the F5LEN soft yet, but he succesfully used it, so it should work...