About the 40m WSPR frequency

I've been asked twice in the last 24 hours, if 7038.6 was the official WSPR frequency
here is my answer:
Although it is far from being ideal (mainly due to Pactor BSS's) we choose this frequency after several tests with 7L4IOU, mainly because, the JA's are not allowed to transmit digi above 7043. It became "de facto" the center of activity, thanks to the participation of several stations from the region 3 (ie VK/ZL)

Following the last WRC (ITU world radio conference) It has been decided to open the 100-200 segment in region 1 (EU and AF) starting January 1st 2009 (the broadcasting service should move, from this date...)
On this basis the IARU region 1 is studying a new 40m bandplan. The decision will be taken this weekend in Cavtat (9A) during the region1 IARU meeting.
Based on the various proposals, it seems that most countries agree that the digital segment should be extended, due to the increasing activity.
Depending on the proposal which will be adopted, or on the basis of the negociations between the National societies, we may get up to 060 or 63 (RSGB proposal), for digital modes (the SSB segment will start there).
Let see what is the final IARU R1 bandplan and we will decide on a new QRG (I hope in coordination with our Region 2 friends...)

So 7038.6 is a temporary solution, pending the new R1 bandplan.
(sorry I have no info about R3... if you have, please post here...)