I blame Walter Blanchard, G3JKV

... for getting me interested in WSPR, that is.

The Echelford Amateur Radio Society (Surrey, UK - http://beam.to/ears) was fortunate enough to have Walter as guest speaker last Thursday (8th April, 2010), explaining the ins and outs of using WSPR, in a most entertaining and informative manner. I had to give it a try.

I am astounded that my FT-817 running 1/2 watt into a small doublet not very high up, has been heard on 30m by David, VK2/VK6DI - 17000 km away. Wow! David has fabulous views over the Tasman Sea and must have superb receiving capabilities, too.

My thanks go to all who are providing and supporting this wonderful facility.

Long live WSPR!

73 - Stuart, m0sar / g1ide