G3020 finally receiving

My G3020 is finished since some weeks but to get the software in order took some more days. Biggest problem was Windows 7 and the Software, also the driver for the EMU-0202. So I downgraded a laptop to XP again. The software is now fine and since yesterday evening european time the Genesis 3020 is finally receiving. I am QRV at 30m.
If I find the time today I will try to get it also to send some beacon.
At this point I want to thank all the HAMs that helped me with the problems I had. You all really proved HAM spirit! I dont want to forget to mention Nick, VK1AA, and his team. Without you we would not have the possibility to homebrew this wonderful equipment and get in touch with the totally new experience of SDR! Thank you!

Gregor DM1RG (proud G3020 user)