Newbie on WSPR

Hello, everyone. I heard Joe Taylor's talk at the NJ ARRL Convention yesterday on WSPR and decided to give it a try at home! I downloaded the manual (excellent, of course) and the software to my Windows 7 PC in the shack. I connected the cable from an older Tigertronics SignaLink SL-1 between my Yaesu FT-817 and the PC and, within a few minutes was receiving signals on 30 meters on my screen! It was getting to be late evening and my G5RV is not a great antenna on 30, so I left it on to listen.

Transmitting is another matter. I played around with different settings and was finally able to get the rig and the SL-1 to key up. However, with another transceiver with a dummy load, tuned to listen to around where I thought my WSPR signal should be, I was unable to hear anything other than a quiet "whoosh" sound. I suspect I've got the equivalent of an "open mike" with no actual tones being transmitted.

Although I heard MANY stations around the world overnight, no one heard me, so that confirms what I thought.

I'll go back and read the docs again, plus check out the other resources about sound card settings and mixer levels, etc. to see if I can stumble into the cause of my dilemma.

Interestingly, if I remember back to my first futile efforts to get on packet, and PSK31, etc., at least receiving WSPR has been extremely easy! It is truly an amazing piece of software! Thanks for turning me onto this exciting mode.