An Interesting Day ...

... and probably what gets people hooked on QRPp ?

For the first time since I discovered this mode of operation I found myself at home in the morning with a mind to switch on the radio and play. A Saturday morning with the whole weekend stretching away into the distance, and all this after a particularly hectic week at work.

Unlike last Thursday when I forgot about the "20m Activity Day" until it was really too late, I remembered good old WSPR and fired the system up on 30m and left it going.

I quite like modes where you can set them going and go away and do something else - thus demonstrating is isn't only the female of the species who can multi-task.

To my complete astonishment when I came back to the radio and had a look at the spots database I found I had been "spotted" in Western Australia, and, as I later learned from a correspondent in Germany, that this was probably via a "long path" route of around 25,500 km. Tx power is +27dBm as near as I can measure ... Antenna is a low (8m at apex) dipole designed for short-hop inter-G comms on 80m.

That's about 28,000 miles per watt!

Having corresponded with the receiving station (VK6DI) and another noteworth QRPp operator in Germany (DL6NL) I now realise that operators in this mode and on this band do this virtually all the time, but until it happens to you, you don't really realise that it is possible.

I've been interested in radio since about 1972, and licensed since 1975 so not exactly a "newbie", but today has been a memorable day indeed!