Long-term 17m Activity

We have been managing to sustain a good amount of activity on 17m the last few days. I would like to propose establishing a permanent "settlement" of stations on that band.

We have a long-established critical mass of stations on 30m, and I think 17m is the next logical place to support permanent activity. The band seems to be regularly open during the daylight hours plus a few in the evening. It's far enough away from 30m in frequency to have meaningfully different propagation characteristics. Finally, the WARC bands seem like an natural place for this kind of organized group, as there is less "conventional" activity which might conflict with our goals.

I plan to WSPR on 17m most of the time, and I hope we can sustain a group of 20 or so stations on that band, which would be a nice complement to the 30+ on 30m. Comments/opinions welcome!