17m activity day

Great activity thanks to all participants;
However this was a bad day for me, at least on RX side, due to non-stop heavy rainfalls. For those who may be interested to compair actual reports to predictions, attached is a noise map, done on 20m with rain. I have 2 clear noise sources which correspond to the power lines towers at 270 and 130 degrees. Of course the noise level is a bit lower on 17m (about 3dB according to the CCIR model).
With rain, my quieter direction is 30 degrees, and the SNR degradation is some

16dB at AZ 270. The noise reduces by some 13dB when the rain stops (measured tonight on HB9TJM signal - 100kms distance). So it goes from noisy to quiet (to use VOACAP reference, from some -143dBW/Hz at 3Mhz down to -156dBW/Hz, for the quieter direction).
Based on the noise map, and if you are in the states, you may roughly consider, that I would have given you some 14dB higher report during a quiet day...

Here is also a plot of my horizon
Was done with "radio mobile" with 200m resolution tridimensional maps... so not very accurate especialy on south sector where the hill is close; the actual blocking at 235 measured on moonset/sunset at antenna level, is some 8degrees.