80m distance record. 31/10 has been a great day !

The WSPR 80m distance record which was held by W1CDO and ZL1ANY with 14529 kms on March5 fell 3 times today...

- The first one today was N2JR with VK7KRD with 16311 kms at 0612z
- Then followed by myself at 1612, also with Bob VK7KRD at 1612 with 16929 kms
- Finally G3SUY is the current record holder (once again with Bob) with 17326 kms at 19:10...

A special mention for Rich N2JR, who has the only 2xways and with 1 W !!!
Now we are looking for 80m long path !!!

73's Pat

PS: Once again; don't look at VOACAP (a/m records=absolutely impossible !!!)... setup good antennas and try !!!