Windoes 7: More Fun and Games

A little while ago I got tired of XP wasting more than half
my office computer's memory. I coughed up $125 to upgrade
to Windows 7 64 bit premium. If there justice, the cost of
W7 should be subsidized by hardware makers. Let me count the
ways W7 forced hardware upgrades:

Video board - The current video drivers for a Nvidia 9600gt
caused the status messages for WSPR to disappear. Upgrade
to ATI.

Sound board - I had been using a SoundBlaster Live! with WSPR.
No support. I got a $13 board that worked for a while, sort of.
It quit working when I added isolation transformers to the radio interface.
Now I am using a $90 Xonar DX board which is reputed to have W7 drivers.

Oh, the motherboard clock does not work well W7. Loses time like an
old wind-up wristwatch. The W7 sync doesn't work well enough for WSPR.
Windows 7 protection bollixes Dimension 4.

And there are several other perfectly good devices that don't work with W7.
People bitch about Linux not supporting devices! Offhand I'd say W7 is worse.