ZL2TLD settled in new QTH

Only 300m from prior QTH.
Basic dipole cut for 40m up at about 20 ft AGL. Seems to load up on all HF bands. Dunno about efficiency, but can at least match it with the auto ATU. Sadly, it's in the trees. (contacting branches at both ends), so again, efficiency will suffer. Will eventually get up either my multiband trapped dipole, or a whole bunch of single band wire antennas. Plenty of trees and about an acre of land to play with.

The original owner obviously planted trees without regard to appropriate spacing for HF antenna installations. Never mind; at least I'm up and running.

Will have to put 2/70 jpole up this weekend, and will look at options for 15/12/10/6m fan dipole.

Looking for 6m opportunities over our local (southern hemisphere) summer. VK and SE Asia I suppose, though W-land could be a possible also. Skeds welcome. email to addr on qrz.com or txt +64 21 2929 767