WSPR version with I/Q capability

I am currently experimenting with a WSPR version that controls and operates radios like the SoftRock RxTx Ensemble.

With WSPR 2.1 you can check a box labeled "Enable I/Q mode" on the Advanced Setup screen. The program will then use 2-channel sampling at 48000 Hz for both input and output. Your SoftRock sends its I/Q baseband signal to the computer's soundcard input; the soundcard output, also in I/Q format, goes to the SoftRock's Tx audio port. T/R switching is accomplished over the USB port. You need no other software such as Rocky or PowerSDR, and there's no need for anything like Virtual Audio Cables. Setup is extremely simple.

Over the past several days I've been running an early version of WSPR 2.1, in Rx-only mode. Right now I'm running in Tx-only mode, Txing 33% of the time, on 30 meters. It seems to get out well. I'll probably finish the T/R switching code and be in full operation within a day or so.

I'm writing now to ask if there are others who have the necessary hardware -- a SoftRock RxTx Ensemble, or possibly other more-or-less equivalent systems -- and would be interested in testing WSPR 2.1. If you'd like to participate, please email me off list (k1jt at arrl dot net) and let me know what hardware you have.

-- 73, Joe, K1JT